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Can I use jquery ajax and call server side php files, return json from those php files, and update controls on the presentation layer of the ios app that I created using phonegap?

I know that a long sentence.


  • Server side php returns json, hello world.
  • Normal website uses ajax jquery calls the php, reads returned json, populates control on the webpage
  • Using phonegap I take this same web app for ios device
  • Will it work the same way as it did when it was a web app without phonegap making it "native"?


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Yes you can and as long as you are not doing anything phonegap specific within that process it should work as a web app as well. PhoneGap in a nutshell just wraps your code into an embedded web browser. – ToddBFisher Dec 7 '11 at 19:44

Yes you can, basically you can make it look like a normal webpage, so you will need to make the Ajax call and then use some something to do the DOM manipulation task.

Take a look at this example using jQuery Mobile:


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