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C# to format (indent, align) C# properly

I am generating a bunch of code and would like it's initial output (pre ctrl+K, Ctrl+D) to look reasonable. Managing indents is a royal pain and there has to be a utility or class out there I can embed inside of my code generator. I am embedding this into a VS add-in and in a build process so I am not interested in an external program. I need something I can call programatically.


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Use the IndentedTextWriter that is provided with the Microsoft .NET Framework to help with indenting code. There is sample usage included with the class documentation.

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That's not going to be terribly useful without writing a parser to understand C# syntax and therefore decide when to indent/unindent. –  Noldorin May 8 '09 at 22:53
Right, I misunderstood the question. –  Atif Aziz May 8 '09 at 22:56

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