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When using phonegap to make an iOS app, can the ChildBrowser plugin open a remote page which can use phonegap functions?

For example: index.html in the phonegap app, calls childbrowser.showwebpage("http://www.website.com"); Can that www.website.com use phonegap functionality?

Or is it only possible with pages in the phonegap/www directory?

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Since childbrowser is actually a native UIWebView (on iOS, idk about Android), you have all the benefits of the nitro javascript engine (as of June '11). That means the page/website you are loading can run it's own javascript code. However, the PhoneGap middleware is bootstrapped in the app itself and since UIWebView is native, I don't see how you could use any PhoneGap functionality unless you wrote a plugin to do just that. I may be completely wrong here though...

EDIT: See this thread here: PhoneGap ChildBrowser Executing JavaScript

He has modified childbrowser to accomplish this very task

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Try this...

try {    
  var url="www.webpage.com";

    //both of these should work...

  var CBrowser = new ChildBrowser();

}catch (err) {  
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