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I’m getting a funny error after I deploy a fully working symfony project to my web host (hostgator). Everything works fine on my localhost.

Here’s the error:

500 | Internal Server Error | sfException Call to undefined method sfApplyApplyForm::isCaptchaEnabled.

Here’s what I’m using:

  • Symfony 1.4
  • Doctrine 2.0
  • sfForkedDoctrineApplyPlugin - for registering new users with:
  • sfDoctrineGuardPlugin - for authentication

I get the error when I click the “Register” link.

Obviously, the form is Captcha enabled. I’ve tried turning it off in config/app settings with no change in error. I’ve also confirmed that my public and private keys are correct and registered... I’ve even updated them with no change in error msg.

A search on Google brings up nothing helpful.

Any ideas about where to begin troubleshooting?

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To correct this problem I just copied the isCaptiaEnabled() method from the plugin to the model class where I embedded the plugin form. I believe I had to also copy a couple of other methods over as well. But as soon as I did that, the errors never came back.

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