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I typically run my program with:

perl -e 'print "A"x200' | ./vuln_prog

The stdin is consumed by a gets() function in C++.

If this were just a command argument, I could open gdb by doing:

gdb ./vuln_prog
run $(perl -e 'print "A"x200')

However, my scenario is not a command argument, but rather input (STDIN?). How would I debug this in gdb? I've tried a bunch of options, but nothing seems to really work.

I would normally just run gdb on the process, and when it prompts for user input, type it in, however I'm not wanting to type just "A". I want to type all chars from \x00-\xff, which I can't type.

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gdb ./vuln_prog
run < filename_with_input
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Thank you SO much. I was trying to run the input directly, where I should have thought to just print the perl code to a file, and input it. That worked marvelously. –  mandreko Dec 7 '11 at 20:57

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