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Nullable type issue with ?: Conditional Operator

Can someone tell me why this first piece of code does not work, and why I must do use the second approach?

DateTime? = Boolean ? DateTime : null;

DateTime? = Boolean ? DateTime : default(DateTime?);

Is it because the compiler checks to make sure that the two resulting values of the conditional match the type of the variable they are being assigned to? And with nullable types, it isn't smart enough to realize that null is a valid result for a nullable type, so you have to give it a hint with the default keyword? Along those lines?

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on the frist line, use Nullable<DateTime> instead of null –  DustinDavis Dec 7 '11 at 20:54
"ternary operator", and it hasn't anything to do with nullable types, only that the two must be of the same type, so instead of default(DateTime?) you can use (DateTime?)null. That is why the compiler tells you "there is no implicit conversion from…" -- since you didn't give it 2 object of the same type, it tries to find a conversion from one to the other. –  Jay Dec 7 '11 at 20:58

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Your first scenario doesn't work as the compiler will not place an implicit conversion on both sides at once.

It's asking the compiler to convert the DateTime value to DateTime? on one side of the operation and null to DateTime? on the other, which cannot happen.

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