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I have cool uri in format


But on this page is form, that send data with GET method, so I get again


Maybe form has to have send data to some script(action="redirect.php"), that make cool uri for me?

header("Location: http://www.server.com/$_GET[p1]/$_GET[p2]/$_GET[p2]");

Is there any another solution?

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I think your solution is better than this, but you could utilize some jQuery/javascript that would redirect you to a URL that you built in that format. This probably isn't 100% valid javascript, but something like this would work:

Assuming that the fields holding the parameters have the IDs of par1, par2, and par3:

function fakeSubmit() {
    var coolURL = "http://page.com/" + $("#par1").val() + "/" +  
                  $("#par2").val() + "/" +  $("#par3").val() + "/";
    window.location.href = coolURL;

Then just have your button call that when it's clicked:

<input type="button" onclick="fakeSubmit()" value="Click Me!" />
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You can try to modify the "action" tag of your "form" with a javascript funcion based on the values of your form fields.

You can fire the javascript function by means of the "onsubmit()" method.

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