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/* Domain Entity */
public class Employee 
   //code here

/* View Model */
public class EmployeeViewModel : Employee, IEmployeeViewModel
   //Add any properties and method to implement IEmployeeViewModel

public interface IEmployeeViewModel
   //Expose and define any properties or methods that its corresponding view(s) may need

// IEmployeeViewModel.ascx binds to a IEmployeeViewModel

What do you think with the above implementation? I have never seen an asp.net mvc sample project implement their view models and views in this fashion and I dont know why. Instead, view model classes are simple objects that map to domain entities and properties.

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EmployeeViewMOdel : Employee couples your ViewModel to your domain.

That defeats the entire purpose of having decoupled UI layers.

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Yes, it does... but what abou having a ViewModel where you use a Model property in it? It couples in the same way. Or a ViewModel need to be of pure .NET types repeating the onces you have in the model. I don't think so. –  Romias Dec 7 '11 at 21:30

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