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I was wondering if there is anyway to use a transparent UIImageView (Box C) to clip certain images that move overtop of it.

In my example I am moving Box A & B which are both UIImageViews towards Box C which is Transparent. Once the boxes collide I would like only Box B to be clipped.


I know I could simply have Box C none transparent then make sure Box B is underneath and Box A is overtop of it. But for my specific purpose I don't really want to do that. I would like to keep Box C to be transparent as to show my background and anything else that might be there.

As always any help is appreciated. :)

Thanks in advance.

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Detect the collision and continually resize the UIImageView that should be clipped so that it never extends beyond/overlaps C. You will need to setup the autoresize mask so that the UIImage within your UIImageView does not scale down as the resize is occurring though.


Here is what I am trying to explain visually...

enter image description here

Full Size

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Thank you, that was quick. :) –  Tasik Dec 7 '11 at 21:38

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