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For JavaScript, how to use regex to extract content from the a square bracket? example:

var str =' - - [01/Dec/2011:11:14:42 -0800]'
var result = str.match('\[.?*\]');

the input '\[.?*\]' does not work for me even with \ [ \ ]


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Try this:

var myregexp = /\[(.*?)\]/;
var match = myregexp.exec(subject);
if (match != null) {
    result = match[1];

The content of [] will be captured by backreference $1. Use the lazy quantifier when doing this kind of extraction. Otherwise if you had two sets of brackets :

[asdfjhasdf][asdfafas] you would only get one of them from the first [ to the last ]

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thanks a lot. This definitely works! –  sammiwei Dec 8 '11 at 0:41
@sammiwei You 're welcome. –  FailedDev Dec 8 '11 at 1:01

\[(.*)\] works great, dont use space after \ and before [ eg. \ [ because this will not work that way.

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Two problems. First, you need to wrap your regex in //. 2nd, move that ?.


var result = str.match(/\[.*?\]/);
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