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Not quite sure how to describe this, but I have a word game I like to play that I'd like to implement as a computer program.

The basic gist is that you look at the values of the letters (A=1..Z=26), and consolidate the letters into the fewest possible, and that are the closest possible to each other.

As an example:

s t a c k

Sum the values

19 + 20 + 1 + 3 + 11 = 54

Find the fewest number of letters:

ceil(54/26) = 3

Choose letters closest to each other

54/3 = 18

Letters to be displayed should be rrr.

That happens to be an easy example. What would it look like when you need to have, say, rrs (if your initial string was 'a stack' instead)?

Does this already have a name that I can lookup and implement?

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I think your problem boils down to this: given n and k, find numbers r1, r2, ..., rk such that sum(r1 + r2 + ... + rk) = n and max(r1, r2, ..., rk) - min(r1, r2, ..., rk) is as small as possible.

The solution is pick r = floor(n / k), and set n mod k of the numbers to be r + 1, and the rest r.

For example, if n = 55 and k = 3 (your example), we have floor(55/3) = 18 and 55 mod 3 is 1, so the solution is 19, 18, 18.

All that remains is converting between numbers and letters.

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haven't yet coded this out, but want to verify it'll also give a condensed list like ssttt (if the total is 98) –  warren Dec 8 '11 at 2:03

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