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I'm looking for a way to use jQuery to do what I can do in php with wordwrap() (http://php.net/manual/en/function.wordwrap.php)

I would use php but I need the wrapping to happen dynamically after the dom is loaded--

I am not familiar enough with jQuery to write this sort of function from scratch and I have run a few google and stack searches trying to find a premade plugin or something that's done it already.

Any ideas? Or perhaps a starting place?


EDIT: for clarification I need to be able to add html at the line breaks (</p><p>, for example)--

as php :

wordwrap($text, 8, "</p><p>", true);
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function wordwrap( str, width, brk, cut ) {
     brk = brk || '\n';
     width = width || 75;
     cut = cut || false;

     if (!str) { return str; }

     var regex = '.{1,' +width+ '}(\\s|$)' + (cut ? '|.{' +width+ '}|.+$' : '|\\S+?(\\s|$)');

     return str.match( RegExp(regex, 'g') ).join( brk );
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i think this is more or less exactly what im looking for -- do you have any idea how I could use this with jQuery? –  Thomas Dec 7 '11 at 23:30
simply, u can use ur native js scripts along jquery, but i u wanna use this inside ur jquery library/module, just put this function as part of ur object (class) –  grafa Dec 13 '11 at 20:01

There appears to be a word wrap plugin for jQuery which is a cross browser solution for word wrapping a textarea. If you are not looking to use this on a textarea you could try setting the width of the <p> tag so that it wraps the text.

Something like

<p style="width:50%">some text that is way longer than this</p>
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You can do it directly with CSS:

.break-word {
  word-wrap: break-word;

Word-wrap is supported in IE 5.5+, Firefox 3.5+, and WebKit browsers such as Chrome and Safari.


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while i'd love to use css to do it -- I need to add html to the DOM -- for example using php I would write wordwrap($str, 8, "<br>"); -- so the css solution isn't going to help, thanks though! –  Thomas Dec 7 '11 at 23:34

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