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I'm trying to get std::async to launch a function that accepts a unique_ptr with gcc 4.6.2:

#include <type_traits>
#include <memory>
#include <functional>
#include <future>

struct Foo {};

// my gcc does not have this, same definition as in 30.2.6
template<typename T>
typename std::decay<T>::type decay_copy(T&& v) { return std::forward<T>(v); }

int main() {
  std::function<int(std::unique_ptr<Foo>)> f = [](std::unique_ptr<Foo>) { return 23; };

  std::unique_ptr<Foo> fp{new Foo};
  std::unique_ptr<Foo> fp2{std::move(fp)};
  // works, this seems to satisfy the requirements of async

  // does not work with reference to a deleted function
  // std::async(f, std::move(fp2));

Is this the expected behaviour or is it a gcc bug?

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Probably a bug. It can be compiled with g++ 4.7.

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