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Can anyone suggest a tool (preferably open source) that can used to easily create/maintain a simple (~3 pages) web site? This would be updated by non-technical folk. Ordinarily, I'd use Wordpress, but this site's content doesn't lend itself to being set up as a blog.

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Sure, most of the available themes out there are blog-like, and you can have a fully-functioning blog within minutes, but once you learn a bit about WP you can use it to do anything. And WP's Pages or Custom Post Types makes it even easier to use as a CMS. You may also want to check out the Magic Fields WP plugin if custom post types doesn't cut it for you.

I can't stress this enough: you can build pretty much any kind of site with Wordpress.

The learning curve for customizing WP can be a bit steep, so GetSimple ( is fairly good as well, albeit a bit too basic most of the time.

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