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I'm trying to create a simple Edit page which will take a ViewModel passed from the controller. Currently, the ViewModel is decorated with some attributes, and the Edit.cshtml works fine with the simple @Html.EditorForModel() and a submit button.

public class MySimpleViewModel {
    Guid ID { get; set; }

    string Name { get; set; }

What I need to do is alter the ModelMetaData based on the user's role and make certain properties read only. Is it possible to modify the ModelMetaData in the controller so that Name will appear as if we had given the attribute [HiddenInput(Display=true)]?

For my application it isn't feasible to create a new model for each role type and the Model itself is the same. What is the best approach? I've tried the following to no avail.

public ViewResult Edit(Guid id) {
    var result = View( Service.GetByID( id ) );

    // Alter the result.ViewData.ModelMetaData here???

    return result;

When I check the ModelMetaData in the View, it doesn't have the changes I made in the controller. What is a good way to do this? I've read samples where people create a subclass of the ModelMetaDataProvider but I don't think that's exactly what I need or maybe I just don't get it.

Thank you

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have you come up with a way to do this. I was looking to do the same thing. Maybe I should add a bounty. –  Jim Apr 20 '12 at 11:42

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Way late.. but here is an alternative though? At my last job we made our own templates for the EditorForModel() helpers ... and in those you can have it check permissions and then either make a label or input. Just a thought.. just came across this post looking for more info on modelmetadata so figured id leave a comment :)

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