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Hello I am seeing if I can get help designing/understanding how to make a system in java. I am looking to make a program that will take in different units of a game and add them to a team. Then two teams will battle it out, many many times, for a statistical mean.

The thing I need help with is how to design the units. That is I am wondering do I make a generic unit class, then make classes for each unit, like grunt, that inherits from the generic one or something else. If I do how do I store the units per team yet still be able to call upon them as unique units of one type.

For instance I will have functions that add units to teams, I was thinking arraylist. Then when it comes to combat I would pull a unit from a team and call some of its methods, units can have abilities etc. So I need to know what the unit is, since they will have different methods.

So basically I need help making a system that defines multiple units and allows me to add them to teams and call upon them at different times. Any help?

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Your question is much to broad. Please close this question and narrow it down to a couple of self-contained questions. Maybe you'd be interested in gamedev.stackexchange.com ? –  Kay Dec 8 '11 at 1:48
I will look into that subforum, thanks, as for the above the main question is how best to design a class or classes in java that will allow me to have multiple units with similar base stats but different abilities etc –  Tempus35 Dec 8 '11 at 1:53

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So I think, if I understand you right, you want to be able to add different members such as Grunt, CommunicationOfficer, and General (just for examples) to a Team. Then you want to be able to iterate on all the Grunts, or all the Generals?

So yes, I think Unit as a superclass, and then Grunt, General, and so on all extend Unit. I think you might want to maintain separate ArrayLists for each type, and one ArrayList for all units. Then, when you add a unit, add it both to the appropriate type-specific ArrayList, and to the overall ArrayList.

Now, if you want only the Grunt objects, use the ArrayList grunts. Otherwise, if you want all the units, use ArrayList units.

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hmm well the idea was one arraylist of all the units for a team, and that list would hold different unit types, grunts, general etc. Then I would go through that list each battle turn and find which units have a turn, I would add those to another list for that team. Then have both teams battle it out with the given units. To see what unit has a turn I would call that units get speed method. etc –  Tempus35 Dec 8 '11 at 2:01
Then a single ArrayList with Units will work. Just declare the methods you need in Unit and override them in each individual type. Also, to make your code shorter, and not reinvent the wheel, you might find Apache Commons Collections useful. It has a FilterIterator which gives you an iterator returning only those elements of the list which satisfy your conditions. –  Robert B Dec 8 '11 at 14:29

I don't know if I correctly understand your problem but here is my suggestion. In the generic unit class create an int field called type where you store specific type of unit. Then store them in an array list as generic units. After retrieving unit from the list do switch statement on the type value and cast the retrieve unit to proper type based on the int in the type field.

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