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I have a problem. I didn't realise the package name of the Android application would be visible to the public when linking to the app listing in the online market.

e.g. https://market.android.com/details?id=com.mycompanyname.android.appname

My client who commissioned the app is not happy with this (they are making a decision as I type this). Is there any way to make a URL that opens the market place listing without using the package name?

It will take hours for me to change the name and retest the app and regenerate several API keys/hashes etc. which will mean I will miss the delivery deadline.

Foiled at the finish line!

Update: You don't need to regenerate keys for the Facebook API, Xtify API or Google Maps API when you change the package name.

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I dont think there is any way to avoid showing the package name.

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Yeah there isn't. I had to change the package name, re-test and resubmit my app. Another gotcha I noticed on the new Motorola Razr: the e-mail address that you use to create the signing certificate is also shown in the market app entry. Lesson learned: always keep everything on brand. –  Jarrod Smith Dec 24 '11 at 2:10

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