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I had a problem on how to put dash in every 3rd character. For example, I want

ABCDEF turn into ABC-DEF

I have this code:

$string = 'ABCDEF';
echo substr_replace(chunk_split($string,3),'-','3','2');
// the output is ABC-DEF

However this code does not work if I add more characters to the $string variable such as ABCDEFGHI. If I use the above code, the output will be:

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You should use PHP's str_split and implode functions.

function hyphenate($str) {
    return implode("-", str_split($str, 3));

echo hyphenate("ABCDEF");       // prints ABC-DEF
echo hyphenate("ABCDEFGHI");    // prints ABC-DEF-GHI
echo hyphenate("ABCDEFGHIJKL"); // prints ABC-DEF-GHI-JKL

See http://ideone.com/z7epZ for a working sample of this.

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join('-', str_split($str, 3))
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both of answers are great! thanks –  softboxkid Dec 8 '11 at 3:05

Example of Put dash between every third character

$string = 'ABCDEFABCDEF';
echo join('-', str_split($string, 4));
echo join('-', str_split($string, 2));
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