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I am trying to get information from another SELECT inside of the same query, however I am not too sure how to get the required field I am after.

SELECT t.`id`, t.`title`, t.`author`, t.`content`, ctitle, cid, comments

FROM `tutorials` AS `t`, 

    SELECT tc.`id` as `cid`, tc.`title` as `ctitle` 
    FROM `tutorial_categories` AS `tc` 
    WHERE `title` LIKE '%category title'
  ) AS `c`,

    SELECT COUNT(com.`id`) as `comments`
    FROM `tutorial_comments` AS `com`
    WHERE `tutorial_id` = c.cid
  ) as `comments`

WHERE t.`category` = c.`cid` AND t.`status` = '1'

I am trying to fetch the id from tutorial_categories and use it in tutorial_comments. All I am trying to do as the final output is get the count of how many comments are listed for each tutorial.



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You need add a group by clause like this

select, t.tilte,, t.content, count( as comments
from tutorials as t
   join tutotials_categories as cat
      on t.category =
   join tutorials_comments as com
      on com.tutorial_id =
where cat.title like'%category title'
   and t.status = 1
group by
order by asc

I used the ansi join form

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now it's only displaying results that have comments, rather than all the results per the category. – Jacob Talbot Dec 8 '11 at 3:35
I'm sorry but I didn't catch what you mean. You can try left join to display those tutorials that don't have comments, and you can order by category to sort the result set. btw, I think you can try @erwin 's script. – robot zillou Dec 8 '11 at 7:11

This should clean up your query:

SELECT, t.title,, t.content, c.ctitle, c.cid, com.comments
FROM   tutorials AS t
    SELECT tutorial_id, COUNT( as comments
    FROM   tutorial_comments AS com
    GROUP  BY 1
    )  AS com ON com.tutorial_id = t.category
    SELECT as cid, tc.title as ctitle 
    FROM   tutorial_categories AS tc 
    WHERE  title LIKE '%category title'
    )  AS c ON t.category = c.cid
WHERE  t.status = '1'

The LEFT JOIN prevents that tutorials disappear that don't find a match.
I made that explicit JOINs with JOIN conditions, that is easier to understand and also the proper way.
Your cardinal problem was that you had the join condition for the counted comments inside the brackets instead of outside, which cannot work that way.

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Can you try this one:

SELECT t.`id`, t.`title`, t.`author`, t.`content`, c.title, c.cid, ct.comments
FROM `tutorials` AS `t`

    SELECT tc.`id` as `cid`, tc.`title` as `ctitle` 
    FROM `tutorial_categories` AS `tc` 
    WHERE `title` LIKE '%category title'
  ) AS `c` ON t.`category` = c.`cid` 

    SELECT COUNT(com.`id`) as `comments`
    FROM `tutorial_comments` AS `com`
    group by com.`id`
  ) as `ct` on  ct.`tutorial_id` = c.cid

WHERE t.`status` = '1'
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