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I've managed to pull 112 records from a SQL database using a query. And I want to display only 6 records on each page but right now it is showing the same 6 records in all the page.

It is showing me that the correct number of pages for all 112 records. Could someone help me and see if I have missed out?

This is my code.

Dim iPageSize, iPageCount , iPageCurrent, strSQL,iRecordsShown , I , counter
iPageSize = 6
set registerRS=server.CreateObject("ADODB.recordset")
registerRS.PageSize = iPageSize
' Retrieve page to show or default to 1
If Request.QueryString("page") = "" Then
    iPageCurrent = 0
    iPageCurrent = CInt(Request.QueryString("page"))
End If
qry="SELECT * FROM database;"

registerRS.CacheSize = iPageSize
registerRS.open qry,ObjConn,3
iPageCount = registerRS.PageCount
If iPageCurrent > iPageCount Then iPageCurrent = iPageCount
If iPageCurrent < 1 Then iPageCurrent = 1
If iPageCount = 0 Then
    Response.Write "No records found!"
    registerRS.AbsolutePage = iPageCurrent ' Move to the selected page
end if
    <font size="+1">Page <strong><%= iPageCurrent %></strong>
    of <strong><%= iPageCount %></strong></font>
iRecordsShown = 0
    Do While iRecordsShown < iPageSize And Not registerRS.EOF
Response.write "</tr>"
iRecordsShown = iRecordsShown + 1
    Response.write "</table> "   
If iPageCurrent > 1 Then
    <table width=90%>
    <a href="MonthlyMailing-Show.asp?page=<%= iPageCurrent - 1 %>&FullName=<%=registerRS.Fields("ID") %>">[&lt;&lt; Prev]</a>
End If
' Show page numbers:
For I = 1 To iPageCount
    If I = iPageCurrent Then
        <%= I %>
        <a href="MonthlyMailing-Show.asp?page=<%= I %>&FullName=<%=registerRS.Fields("FullName") %>"><%= I %></a>
    End If
Next 'I

If iPageCurrent < iPageCount Then
    <a href="MonthlyMailing-Show.asp?page=<%= iPageCurrent + 1 %>&FullName=<%=registerRS.Fields("FullName") %>">[Next &gt;&gt;]</a>
End If
    set registerRS=nothing  
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And I got the source code from asp101.com/samples/db_paging.asp –  toclafane Dec 8 '11 at 3:12
where are you setting iPageCurrent? Could you show the whole file? –  Robert Dec 8 '11 at 3:15
Hi. I realised my mistake. I have declared it in the wrong place. –  toclafane Dec 8 '11 at 9:37
I 'm able to get the page numbers but when i go to the next page. It doesn't show the records –  toclafane Dec 8 '11 at 9:39
I think you have one of two problems: If you aren't specifying the cursor location on the connection, it is used a server side cursor, and paging doesn't work with a server side cursor. The other option may be that the call to MoveFirst is changing the page. You don't need to call movefirst, it should already be on the first record after the query is executed and the page is set. –  scott.korin Mar 11 '12 at 12:59

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