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I had a fully function Ubuntu 10.04 server running Apache/php2 and jpgraph. Unfortunately, the server died and now I have rebuilt it, but jpgraphing doesn't seem to be functioning properly anymore. The two issues that I have found are: 1- the colors selected doesn't match what is actually displayed.See example from jpgraph: http://www.philserver.faure.ca/~philippe/Solar/examples/show-example.php?target=example21.php

2- the "show value" command doesn't show the values on the graphs anymore. See exmaple from jpgraph: http://www.philserver.faure.ca/~philippe/Solar/examples/show-example.php?target=example3.4.1.php

I had written a website that worked a expected, but now this new installation isn't functioning properly. I have search Google, jpgraph website and even contacted them without any information. I don't even know where to start looking for more help.

Has someone come across this before? Does someone know where to start searching for a solution?

thank you

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This was asked in this forum previously. You have to put them after the Add. Even their examples don't work!

Look at Changing the display settings of line/bar graphs Chapter 29. Attention in the manual.

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