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I can send an email via cakephp 1.3. What I cannot seem to do is change the "from" portion - so!


 $this->Email->from = ""; 
 $this->Email->from = "no-reply<>"; 

this doesn't work. Sending to gmail just has a fun "unknown user" value as the "from" or "sender".

To be clear, I have only one of those $this->Email->from lines, not both!

In the end, I had to go to the email.ctp component in cakephp - cake/libs/controller/component/email.ctp - and change the line 543 from: $headers['From'] = $this->_formatAddress($this->from); to: $headers['From'] = 'no-reply';

Any ideas why i has to do all this? I read online about the aliases file and some sort of setting in the php.ini - i'm running ubuntu 10.04 - but i didn't touch them. Actually, if anyone knows what I would do with the /etc/aliases file, or what to do with the php.ini file, that would also be awesome.


PS note in the above that my email component is defined as:

'Email' => array (
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Your first example should work. However, the second is not up to the RFC standard. You need the all important space.

$this->Email->from = "no-reply <>";

Check the Cake Book form more detail on the Email component.

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sigh thanks for the response - i didn't know about the rfc standard. This doesn't quite fix whatever my cakephp is up to, but at least it is compliant! – bharal Dec 8 '11 at 21:57
If this didn't fix your problem, don't mark it answered. From your code, I don't see an issue. It's somewhere else in your code. – Jason McCreary Dec 8 '11 at 22:23

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