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I am completely new to Maven and come from an ant world. I am having lots of trouble something that might be really trivial.

I want to have a maven project that is made out of non-code items that I want to ship along my jars. These items are DDL scripts, installer scripts a couple of utility scripts, readmes etc.

I do not want to use "resources" in the corresponding java projects since I do not want them living in the actual product jars. I want them shipped as separate artifacts that just like any other jar.

It is acceptable to bundle them up in a jar or zip, etc.

Is there a way to do this?


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Use the build helper plug-in to add additional artifacts to the Maven module.

Check out the answer to the following question

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Ok, I found it and it was pretty simple. Just created a project added a simple pom with no plugin pacakging jar and I create the proper dir structure src/main/resources/...

This builds it into a jar

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