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I have language-prefixed URLs working great (site.com/en/controller/action and site.com/fr/controller/action, etc.), but if somebody enters a URL without the language, I want to redirect to a URL that has the language. So site.com/controller/action redirects to site.com/xx/controller/action where xx is a value specifying the language, that is stored in the session (or a cookie).

I suspect I can just look up the language index in the $this->params array, and simply redirect if I don't find it. Something like:

if (!isset($this->params['language']) {
    $this->redirect(array('controller' => $this->controller, 'action' => $this->action, 'language' => $this->Session->read('Config.language')));

But my concern is that this would drop any POST or GET data.

What am I missing?


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I' not huge expert in this case but I have understood that it's good practise to always redirect POST data. So before checking language, do what you should do with POST data, and after that do a redirect with proper language in url.

Look this: Insert cakephp POST params into URL

You can also look this->params for GET data and pass that to $this->redirect to carry it on.

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Agreed. You can always redirect your post and get data so don't worry about dropping it. –  swiecki Dec 8 '11 at 8:35
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