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Does anyone know any good resources where a beginner and understand Intents and Contexts. I understand the basics of activities, but i don't really understand how Intents go along with this.

Also, anyone know any good resources to learn about passing information between activities? For example, I have a splash screen, and I have multiple levels for an addition activity. I created an addition activity, but i want to be able to press different buttons to determine different difficulties. So obviously I dont want to create like 5 different layouts with the same activity with just the difficulty changed. So since I already have the code for the addition activity, how can I pass data from the splash activity to the addition activity? The data might be an int that designates a difficulty level. I would then be able to access the int from the addition activity and base it off of that.


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You can easily pass Int between activities using Intents.


Intent intent = new Intent(Activity1.this,Activity2.class);
intent.putExtra("param", 1);


onCreate(Bundle b) {
    int param =  getIntent().getIntExtra("param");

All primary datatypes Integer,Long,String,etc can be passed as an extra. Technically, anything that is Serializable can be an extra.


class Student implements Serializable

Intent intent = //...
intent.putSerializable("key", new Student());

To retrieve it,

Student s = (Student)getIntent().getSerializableExtra();
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Ahh that makes a lot of sense. So what we are basically doing is sending a piece of data (string, int, etc) that we can retrieve later. Thanks –  bhsu Dec 9 '11 at 3:44



I really recommend a lot of Vogella's tutorials. They've really helped me out a lot.

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Developer.android.com is one of the best play-script for android beginners –  Last Warrior Dec 8 '11 at 5:00

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