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I'm using the backbone-rails gem to generate Backbone scaffolding for my Rails project. This has generally been a positive experience, but templating is one area that could use a lot more refinement.

My Backbone code all uses Coffeescript and the only time I use vanilla Javascript now is when I need to test something in the browser [1] and when I want to insert Javascript into a template. Semicolons and missing parentheses slow me down a lot, as I have to reload the browser each time I forgot one--which is often since my brain is in Coffeescript mode.

Is there a way to use Coffeescript in Backbone.js templates?

[1] sometimes I use Coffeescript with Firebug + Acebug, but the idea/task I'm testing has to be big enough, as it takes a few more mouse clicks to get through this process.

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Take a look at Eco.

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+1. And maybe also at Brunch, which bundles Backbone and jQuery and eco and Coffeescript and a build script. –  Thilo Dec 9 '11 at 7:21
Sorry for the late response. I took a look at this and it looks like it works mainly for Node.js. I'm serving up Backbone templates from a Rails server and they're rendered client side. It looks like Eco works server side only (unless I'm mistaken) –  Eric Hu Jan 26 '12 at 0:53

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