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Hi I've been reading lot of resources and tutorials, but didn't find something that I am looking for. What I need to know is how is a facebook app supposed to work .. and what facebook apps can do and what they can not. I've lot of questions, but here are some that pop up in my mind as I write this.

Brief about my app : User needs to be logged into facebook account before accessing my app. Post log-in, I show them a button to toggle their status ( in town / out of town ). On click of the button, the status is changed, and the action is shared with the facebook open graph / social channels.

Now questions :

1) how are the facebok iframe apps supposed to work ( how does the control flow )

2) I need to maintain custom user status/flag in my app ( e.g. user is in town or out of town ) - user will set it himself by logging into the app, but where do I need to persist it ? Should I have my own database, or can I use facebook graph api to do this )

3) How do the redirects work ? After user clicks on the toggle status button, should my app do 2 things - (a) toggle status in my database and
(b) redirect ( iframe or top window? ) to the custom object instance html What URI should I use as a redirect URI ? I would like user to remain within facebook framework all the time.

Appreciate a quick response to this .. Thanks !!

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1) The iframe version just loads your page from your website into the iframe, if you are using PHP, you include the PHP FB library and enter the correct key and app ID that you setup with the Facebook Developer app and then you are able to make API calls from your PHP page.

2) You would need to store this information yourself, probably in a database.

3) Yes you should toggle something in your database, You can link to or redirect to another page just how you would any othertime. It should work since it is in an iframe

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okay thanks .. @jasondavis. Another piece of info : I am using custom action/objects .. What I would like to happen is, when user clicks on the "Out Of Town" button, it should do the database update action and come back to same page within the iframe. Also it should show a story saying "XYX is Out of Town" .. or something on those lines. – Abhay Chaware Dec 8 '11 at 5:31
When you click a link that is on the same site as your app or post a form it will all stay within the iframe so they remain on the Facebook site. All the other stuff is just PHP on your app and shouldn't have anything to do with the Facebook portion – JasonDavis Dec 8 '11 at 5:40
correct. But how do I get facebook crawl the custom OG ( open graph ) object instance HTML , on the button click ? ( I assume that is required for facebook to generate the storyline. – Abhay Chaware Dec 8 '11 at 6:10
Facebook won't crawl it, if you are wanted to post and action to a users wall you will have to do it with a call to the api, I recommend reading and possibly searching Google for a tutorial or coming back and asking a new questions once you have started and run into a more specific problem – JasonDavis Dec 8 '11 at 6:17
I dont want to post to user's wall, but I want it to show up in the stories feed. Documentation says that it should automatically do that, as specified in the "Summary Section" of link – Abhay Chaware Dec 8 '11 at 6:44

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