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I want to fetch feed/post/statuses data for a particular user. But found that it is necessary to have an access token. My concern is , do we need to have a separate access token for every user to fetch their information or merely with a single access token it is possible?

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As I know an access token is seperate for each and every login. You can use the same access token for next use. But this access token has a expiry. – vinay Dec 8 '11 at 5:36
are you thinking about a specific (existing) service? Or are you developing your own service? – Thilo Dec 8 '11 at 5:54
Apparently this is a Facebook API question. adding a tag. – Thilo Dec 8 '11 at 7:46

The access token is used to verify that the user making the call is verified and has the correct permissions to perform that action. Every user has his/her own access token for each application. As the comments say above, access tokens expire after a while, so you have to re-request them when the user logs back into your application.

There is also "long-term" access tokens that can be retrieved by requesting the offline_access permission. In this case the access token is valid for (i think) 30 days or until the user changes his/her facebook password.

All the information you need about access tokens can be found at

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An Facebook Graph API access token allows you to do what a Facebook application running as a particular user, with a particular set of permissions (, is permitted to do. Some data on other Facebook objects (such as users) may be available with the access token of another user, especially if they are a "friend" of the user in the access token.

For example, suppose the access token specifies User A and permission "friends_birthday". You should be able to query the birthday of user B if (1) user B is a friend of user A, and (2) user B permits his/her friends to see his/her birthday.

I don't know your full scenario, but if you are really just fetching data, you may find it easier to use rather than writing your own Facebook application.

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