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In my selenium grid setup, I have to execute 2 modules initially, which will create data. Then , rest 6 modules paralelly. Totally i have 8 targets for 8 different modules in build.xml.I have to make all 6 targets wait for initial 2 targets to complete. 1. How can i make ant target wait for the rest two targets to complete execution? 2.If i break build.xml into 2 build.xmls, which command makes 2 build files to run sequentially?

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Use antcall ...

<project name="projectName" default="initialtarget1">
<target name="initialtarget1"> 

      <antcall target="initialtarget2"/> 
      <antcall target="target1"/> 
      <antcall target="target2"/> 
      <antcall target="target3"/> 
      <antcall target="target4"/> 
<target name="initialtarget2"> 
<target name="target1"> 
<target name="target2"> 
<target name="target3"> 
<target name="target4"> 
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If I understand your question correctly, you want the initial two modules to execute in parallel, then the remaining six in parallel. Kind of like:

 |   InitialModule1 InitialModule2
 |           |              |
 |           .              |
 |                          |
 |                          .
 |   Module3 Module4 Module5 Module6 Module7 Module8
 |      |       |       |       |       |       |
 |      v       v       v       v       v       v

If each module is run by its own Ant task: task_one, task_two ... task_eight, you can do this using Ant target dependencies and the parallel task. Target dependencies specify the order of execution, something like:

<target name="create_data">
        <task_one ... />
        <task_two ... />

<target name="do_work" depends="create_data">
        <task_three ... />
        <task_eight ... />

If each Selenium grid module is run by a series of tasks, rather than a single task you could wrap these in sequential tasks. If they are implemented as separate targets, then perhaps antcall could be used inside the parallel tasks.

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