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My reports are linked to a masterpage in a library file. I want the masterpage to display the report name, but the report name will be different for each report. How can the report communicate the report name to the library's masterpage?

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Use resource files. Here's how:

  1. Create and link a resource file to the report. See the BIRT documentation here. For example, if you have a report called Products_Report.rptdesign, and your application localization is US English, then your resource file should be called

  2. Create an entry in the resource file for the report name. For example, report_name=Products Report. You'll want the key to be the same for every report.

  3. Access the resource from the library's masterpage. For example, you could add a Dynamic Text element with this expression: reportContext.getMessage("report_name", reportContext.getLocale());

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Use global constants. Here's how:

  1. In the BIRT report designer's Outline pane select the rptdesign element.
  2. Click the Script tab.
  3. Create a constant. For example: var REPORT_NAME = "Products Report";
  4. Save
  5. Access the constant from the library's masterpage. For example, you could add a Dynamic Text element with the expression: REPORT_NAME;

This is a bit easier than using resources file - but with the resources file you get the ability to display a different report name to users depending on their language.

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