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How can I alter the query below to only select records created within the last 7 days?


This function is located in my User model.

 def calculate_user_score
    unless self.new_record?
      self.score = (self.links.count * 5) + (self.favorites.count * 0.5)
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You can add a where-condition like this:

self.favorites.where('created_at >= ?', 1.week.ago).count

And for your calculate_user_score method, you probably want to do that for links as well:

def calculate_user_score
  unless new_record?
    self.score = (links.where('created_at >= ?', 1.week.ago).count * 5) +
      (favorites.where('created_at >= ?', 1.week.ago).count * 0.5)
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I recommend you add a scope to your model:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base

  scope :recents, where("created_at > ?", Time.now-7.days)


Then you can do

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self.links.where("created_at > ?", Time.now-7.days).count
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