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In Crystal report how we suppress page header on pagenumber >= 2 when records are completed on the previous page

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You should consider reframing the question. It is not possible to understand it when you merely going through a list. – Hemant May 9 '09 at 5:31

Go to the Section Expert of the header. Suppress it with the checkbox and then, in the suppression formula, do this (with Basic syntax):

if pagenumber > 1 then formula = true

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Maybe this will help? Just make a couple headers and a conditional that hides on the non-first page...

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In the suppress formula box you can simply enter


This is true for all but the first page and thus will suppress on all but the first page.

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Maybe you want to suppress the header on the second page if there is no record in the Detail section.

Please take a look at

Number of details records on the crystal report page

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