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I have a worksheet, on which I am using a macro to create a graph. As the data is scattered across various worksheets in the workbook, I am copying the same and creating a continuous set of columns to use for the creation of the graph:

Sheets("Data1").Range("A29:A39").Copy Destination:=Sheets("Chart").Range("AA29:AA39")
Sheets("Data2").Range("D29:D39").Copy Destination:=Sheets("Chart").Range("AB29:AB39")
Sheets("Data3").Range("I29:I39").Copy Destination:=Sheets("Chart").Range("ACI29:AC39")
Sheets("Data3").Range("D129:D139").Copy Destination:=Sheets("Chart").Range("AD29:AD39")

My data looks like this:

CustomerA            489 456 93%
CustomerB            63  0   0%
CustomerC            123 123 100%
CustomerD            185 172 93%

The above are the values I wish to get in the newly copied cells, not how they were calculated using formulas. I am using the above for this work.

How can I get the absolute values, instead of the relative formulas in my newly copied worksheet cells?

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Use Value like this

Sheets("Chart").Range("AA29:AA39").Value = Sheets("Data1").Range("A29:A39").Value

update: if you are dumping the data into cells that are already formatted as numbers and percentages then this process is cleaner than a copy and paste. If you do need the formats then you could either combine a paste special formtas with the line above or combine our two codes to

  • get the cell formatting indentical between Data1 and Chart
  • dump the values from Data1 to Chart1 replacing the formulae from step 1

    Sheets("Data1").Range("A29:A39").Copy Destination:=Sheets("Chart").Range("AA29:AA39")
    Sheets("Chart").Range("AA29:AA39").Value = Sheets("Data1").Range("A29:A39").Value
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+1 this is the best answer :) To be clear, he is saying to use .value = .value instead of copy and paste. –  Issun Dec 8 '11 at 9:38
@issun yes, I was a little concise :) –  brettdj Dec 8 '11 at 11:02

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