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Hello freinds i am trying to insert some danish text in my table of sqlite3 db and for that i m inserting it as...

NSString  *sqlTemp =[NSString stringWithFormat:
  @"INSERT INTO myTable (firstArg,secondArg,thirdArg,fourthArg) VALUES ('%@','%@','%@','%@')",
const char *sql = [sqlTemp UTF8String];

type of all arguements while creating table is declared as "text".

the issue is when i retreive the data from db and want to set as text of uitextview it is diplaying somthing like "√Ö√¶√∏√¶" for danish text "Åæøæ"

Can any one suggest some solution for this .

Thanks in advance


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You should use the sqlite3_bind_text function which binds your text using its UTF8 representation, check the answer of Storing and retrieving data from sqlite database, where you can find a complete example of how to insert such data into a database.

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Set your datatype to nvarchar.

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setting datatype to nvarchar doesn't help any other suggestion – user968597 Dec 8 '11 at 7:46

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