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I am building a facebook app using python (Flask framework).

When I load up my app, I am getting my facebook ID from signed_request. However, my navigation did not work. For instance, if I clicked on a link (example - /add), the session would go away. After some searching on SO, I found an answer which solved my problem temporarily. I enabled "allow third party cookies" on firefox, and sessions now work.

Other details: I am still running on localhost. Flask 0.7. Firefox 8. Iframe app. Not using the python SDK yet. Processing signed_request.

What is the proper way of using sessions/cookies in facebook app?

  1. P3P headers? I saw this in run with friends example
  2. I am supposed to add some js method from Facebook javascript SDK, which ajaxifies all my requests?
  3. is there some setting on FB app advanced panel to handle this?
  4. Am I setting the cookie path incorrectly?
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