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I'm currently using Erica's code to get hold of the iPhone IMEI number programmatically: https://github.com/erica/uidevice-extension/blob/master/UIDevice-IOKitExtensions.m

This works fine on iPhone 3G and 4, even an iPhone 4 with iOS 5. But when I try it on a iPhone 4S, it returns empty.

Does the code I'm currently using need updating, or is there an alternate method to get the IMEI on the 4S?

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In the end, due to fact that Apple is going to be restricting access to unique identifiers like the IMEI and the iPhone unique Id, I resorted to using some code from Georg Kitz which creates a unique identifier based on the MAC address of the phone, hashed using MD5.

Using Georg Kitz's code (https://github.com/gekitz/UIDevice-with-UniqueIdentifier-for-iOS-5), I can simply get the Id as follows:

UIDevice * thisDevice = [UIDevice currentDevice];
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Why are you mixing and matching bracket and dot notation? Either use UIDevice.currentDevice.uniqueDeviceIdentifier or (preferably) [[UIDevice currentDevice] uniqueDeviceIdentifier] -- consistency is key! –  Sedate Alien Jan 19 '12 at 23:09
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