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What is the Comonad typeclass in Haskell? As in Comonad from Control.Comonad in the comonad package (explanations of any other packages that provide a Comonad typeclass are also welcome). I've vaguely heard about Comonad, but all I really know about it is that is provides extract :: w a -> a, sort of a parallel to Monad's return :: a -> m a.

Bonus points for noting "real life" uses of Comonad in "real" code.

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These links may be helpful:

  1. Evaluating cellular automata is comonadic. In particular, "whenever you see large datastructures pieced together from lots of small but similar computations there's a good chance that we're dealing with a comonad".
  2. Sequences, streams, and segments
  3. Comonads in everyday life
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+1 The first link was the one that really brought it together for me. –  luqui Dec 8 '11 at 17:31
Link-only answer should at least contain a summary of the linked contents. Currently this answer isn't fit for being a good SO answer. Consider expanding it a bit, so that it can stand on its own without the linked articles. –  Bakuriu Aug 28 '14 at 18:15

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