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I tried to use GDSL Scripts for my grails project in IDEA.

I tried things as shown in the Guide: GDSL Guide. The Steps I followed were:

  1. Created a myDef.gdsl file in my project home(i.e. in the folder
    that containg grails-app, web-app etc)
  2. In that file i added this code:

    def ctx2 = context(ctype: "com.myPackage.MyClass")
    contributor(ctx2) {
        method(name: 'withLock', type: 'void', params: [closure: { }])
  3. Clicked on Activate.

But it still does not show any autocomplete or recognise when I do:

Myclass m = new MyClass()
m.withLock() //This is not recognised

What am I doing wrong??? :(


  • Idea Series: Ultimate
  • Idea Version: 107.535
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The GDSL file should be located under some source root. Grails module content roots aren't source roots. So please consider putting it into src/main/groovy, for example.

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Thanks, I was also wondering about this. Just wanted to add that I was a bit confused about whether it had to be located on the source root or if I could put it in a package; apparently it can be placed in any package. – Steinar Sep 5 '14 at 9:41

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