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I have problem retrieve Cursor from Database. Database: Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release

Database Stored procedure:

procedure p_dddw_Client(s_Client in csmweb.web_order_header.client_code_regional%type,
                        s_ClientRole in varchar2,
                        arr_AnyRec in out r_AnyRec);  //TYPE r_AnyRec IS REF CURSOR;

Read Stored procedure in Java:

    Connection connection = null;
    CallableStatement cs = null;
      connection = createConnection();
      cs = connection.prepareCall("ord_aux.p_dddw_client(?,?,?)");

          //Input parameters
      cs.setString("s_Client", "20975-A");
      cs.execute(); //ERROR 

Error code from database in line where is cs.execute(): ORA-03115: unsupported network datatype or representation

Does anybody have experience how to do it right or some suggestions? Did I something wrong? Thank a lot.

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It may be unrelated, but why do you need an IN OUT parameter, why not just an OUT? – Vincent Malgrat Dec 8 '11 at 13:13

I am not sure if this is the problem, but is the syntax of the prepare call correct?

I think it should be:

CallableStatement stmt = 
            conn.prepareCall("{ call ord_aux.p_dddw_client(?,?,?) }"); 

I am also not sure about the calls to setString. I have always addressed the parameters by number, but what you have may be valid too, I am not sure, eg:

cs.setString(1, "20975-A");
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