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I've been so far running my app exclusively in the emulator. I want to try it out on a real device. My app connects to a web service running on the localhost itself using the host loopback IP of ''.

I have got the application deployed on my phone, but I don't know how to access a url like: "" when the application is on the phone.

Basically, I want my phone to connect to the web server running on my machine. My machine is a dev machine and doesn't have a static ip. Is it possible?

I understand I can deploy my web app on a real server with static ip and use that in my code.

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If you have a network routable address on your PC you can register it with a service like DynDNS, alternatively if you can connect with Wifi to your PC on your LAN, you can access it with that.

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Note that is a special address in the android emulator. – rekire Dec 8 '11 at 11:09

Check if you use the Emulator with "google_sdk".equals(Build.PRODUCT); or with "sdk".equals(Build.PRODUCT); depending on the used sdk.

And connect to your local network ip (or computername) or with port forwarding the public ip (using ddns) of your router.

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