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I'm using Rhodes to develop a simple program to take a photo and send it to remote server.

Here's the camera action:

def camera
  @form = Form.find(@params['id'])
  Camera::take_picture(url_for(:action => :show, :id => @params['id']))

However, when called it does not redirect back to the 'show' action, as described in the documentation.
Instead, it renders the 'camera' view. I've also tried writing something like this in the camera control:

<div data-role="page">
  <img src="<%= @params['image_uri'] %>;">

But the image is empty anyway

Please help!

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You need to specify the redirect action after the camera call, such as:

def camera
  @form = Form.find(@params['id'])
  Camera::take_picture(url_for(:action => :show, :id => @params['id']))

  redirect :action => :show
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