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I am using Objective C Proxy objects(which was created using wsdl2Objc tool) to access SOAP Based web services.

It is a .Net based Web service. It returns XML data.

The C# based Proxy Objects for accessing that web service is working properly.

@interface EmployeeDetails{
    NSString name;
    NSString *empID;

    @interface CommonRequest{
    NSString *sessionID;
    NSString *employeeDetails;

In C# proxy object the type of the field is another custom object whereas in Objective C the type is NSString.

How to convert Custom object(of type EmployeeDetails) into its NSString equivalent(employeeDetails)?

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You will need to parse the XML, and optionally create an object or NSDictionary representation from it. Search the documentation for NSXML or CFXML APIs.

To use an EmployeeDetails instance to represent a string in a CommonRequest, you will need to find out what the API expects (you can print the C# CommonRequest to find out, or better, refer to its implementation to see how it builds the string).

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