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I've installed the boost libraries on Linux Mint 12 using the command sudo apt-get install libboost-dev libboost-doc, which installs the default version available in the repositories. However, the project I have to do needs the 1.44 version of boost. How do I uninstall the default (current) version 1.46 and install 1.44?

I couldn't find the documentation on the boost website to install boost from the .tar.gz package.

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I'm trying to do the install but I'm having some errors, I'm doing the point 6, and $ c++ -I path/to/boost_1_48_0 example.cpp -o example \ ~/boost/stage/lib/libboost_regex-gcc34-mt-d-1_36.a, I dont understand that command, it produces the output g++ -I /usr/local/boost_1_48_0 example.cpp -o example -L~/boost/stage/lib/ -lboost_regex-gcc34-mt-d-1_36 /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lboost_regex-gcc34-mt-d-1_36 collect2: ld returned 1 exit status –  freinn Dec 8 '11 at 13:05

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You can uninstall with

apt-get --purge remove libboost-dev libboost-doc

Download the package you need from boost website, extract and follow "getting started" instructions found inside index.html in the extracted directory.

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I've done what you told me, but were 12 things not installed, and 52 skipped ones, is that normal?? –  freinn Dec 8 '11 at 12:40
Yes that is normal, and it is probably fine unless one of the packages that didn't build is one you will depend on, but in my experiences the core more commonly used packages will be available and some of the less frequently used packages are the ones that don't build well on all platforms. So just run with it and it will probably be ok. –  Chris Desjardins Mar 10 '13 at 10:51
and then: apt-get autoremove –  Janek Olszak Nov 15 '13 at 18:36

Downgrade your boost version. I'm not familiar with Mint, but assuming it is deb-based, you can do:

apt-cache show libboost-dev

to see all installable version and install a specific version with

sudo apt-get install libboost-dev=

There are also convenience packages for the major boost versions:

sudo apt-get install libboost1.44-dev
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Good job but it doesnt works: E: Version '1.44' for 'libboost-dev' was not found –  freinn Dec 8 '11 at 12:04
Thanks, but doesnt work again...Can you explain me what happened to me in the comment from my question?? –  freinn Dec 8 '11 at 13:13
Distributions like Mint retire old versions of packages. It won't find 1.44 because the file doesn't exist any more. (Because the newer versions are available.) They can't afford to keep around every old version forever. –  greyfade Nov 13 '13 at 0:12

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