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I'm currently hacking away, trying to replicate Coda's tooltip:

Check out my example here:

I'm following this tutorial, and in this piece the position of the tooltip is hardcoded. However I want the position to adjust dynamically based on the dimensions of the tooltip, so that it is positioned precisely over the trigger-image.

I'm struggling a bit with this, first I wanted to obtain he position of the tooltip like this:

var width = $('.popup').width();
var height = $('.popup').height();

Next I tried to manipulate the position of the popup based on the dimensions of the popup. But my math skills is falling short, I don't have a clue on how to do this. This is my meager attempt:

    // reset position of popup box
      top: -(.5*height),
      left: -(.5*width),
      display: 'block' // brings the popup back in to view

Does anybody have an idea on how to go about this?

JSFiddle here:

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You should try with this:

// reset position of popup box
      top: -height,
      left: -(0.5*width)+5,
      display: 'block' // brings the popup back in to view

The top attribute moves your tootltip above the hoovered element, the left attribute center it over the element. You must compensate also by half the size of your borders/padding/and so on (that's what the +5 does).

An example here: (after some comments, I also limited the size of the content width, this way, it works better)

Is it what you want?

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thx for helping me out :) It's not quite what I want, though. When I put more content in the popup it looks like this: - I want it to look like this: – timkl Dec 8 '11 at 12:24
@timkl Ok, true, the code I gave you works, but when the tooltip has a width larger than the #container width, it doesn't work any more... What you can do is either limit the width of the content of your toolbox: (this works fine for me with any content). Or you can try another approach without tables:… – ReV Dec 8 '11 at 12:37
Roger that. I'm going to add a max-width to the .popup, that solves the problem Thanks for the help :) – timkl Dec 8 '11 at 12:49

You can try this, it needs a bit of tweaking but will work find with different height and width

          top: -(0.8*height),
          left: -(0.5*width),
          display: 'block' // brings the popup back in to view

try this on js fiddle

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