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I want to write following query as NamedQuery in Eclipselink

   select o  from user o where trunc(o.TRSF_DATE) = ?1 and o.contrno in(?2,?3,?4,?5,?6,?7,?8,?9,?10,?11)

I am getting following error

   Internal Exception: NoViableAltException(83!=[661:1: simpleConditionalExpressionRemainder[Object left] returns [Object node] : (n= compariso
nExpression[left] | (n1= NOT )? n= conditionWithNotExpression[(n1!=null), left] | IS (n2= NOT )? n= isExpression[(n2!=null), left] );])
        at org.eclipse.persistence.exceptions.JPQLException.unexpectedToken(


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My guess is that the error is caused by trunc, which is not a valid JPQL function. In EclipseLink you can use the FUNC keyword to call a database function.


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Thanks FUNC resolve my issue. Following is working namedquery select o from user o where FUNC('trunc',o.trsf_date) = ?1 and o.contrno in(?2,?3,?4,?5,?6,?7,?8,?9,?10,?11) – ImranRazaKhan Dec 8 '11 at 14:29

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