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I'm using ABPersonViewController to show contact info. I want to allow user to perform standard actions, like Text message, Share contact, Add to favorites.

When I tap Add to favorites, near the contact's phone becomes blue star - so, it seems like contact is added to favorites. But in native Phone app in favorites there is no my contact's phone. Also strangely is that when I relaunch my app and browse the same contact, blue star still showing.

I tried to save address book on back action and app going to background, but no result. ABPersonViewControllerDelegate's shouldPerformDefaultActionForPerson method is not firing on Add to favorites - I don't understand why, because on tapping Text message or Share contact it is firing.

So, what I'm doing wrong? Have you any ideas how to make Add to favorites action work properly?

Thank you for any help.

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Maybe you are not saving changes to the address book. There are some methods related to the Address Book management like ABAddressBookSave or ABAddressBookHasUnsavedChanges.

You have all the information in the related Apple Documentation here.

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