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I'm working on an application that requires the following regional settings (Delphi 7 and PostgreSQL 9.0):

   1. DateSeparator:='/';
   2. TimeSeparator:=':';
   3. ThousandSeparator:=',';
   4. DecimalSeparator:='.';
   5. ShortDateFormat:='MM/dd/yy';
   6. ShortTimeFormat:='hh:mm:ss';

I need to change the regional setting only for my application and not system wide.

In OnCreate of the form I set the above separators, and my current system separators are:

   1. DateSeparator='|';
   2. TimeSeparator='|';
   3. ThousandSeparator='|';
   4. DecimalSeparator='|';

(This is for the test purpose.)

Now in Postgres I have a table from where I get dates to display in my application but somehow the dateseparator doesn't seem to work (as seen in label1)!

enter image description here

Check the image.

enter image description here

I fire a query to get the dates from the table

                    Label2.Caption:=datetostr(Fields(1).Data) ;

The query is

 select min(dat), max(dat) from diary where survey in (2008401) and event not in ('E','C','R') and region=6100;

now the same date if I take as .data differ in the date separator from .text dateseparator why this is happening?

Why are the regional settings not applied to label1.caption (as shown in the image)?

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DateToStr uses ShortDateFormat as the output format. You didn't change that from the MM/dd/yy set initially; you only changed the DateSeparator.

I'm confused though, about why you'd want to use (Fields(1).Text) (is that right? Parentheses instead of [] for the Fields subscript?).

If the DB is configured to use | as the date separator, as it appears it is from your screen image, why are you using DateToStr? It appears that .Text is getting the information in the format you're looking to obtain.

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hey i want to know why the dateseparator has a different effect on label1.caption and label2.caption?<br/><br/> the date separator i want is '/' and not '|'.. – PresleyDias Dec 9 '11 at 4:20
I answered this. DateToStr uses ShortDateFormat, which you didn't change. Please read my answer again - the effect is different because you used two different ways to work with the values. You need to either set both ways (ShortDateFormat and DateSeparator) to be compatible, or just use one of them and be consistent in doing so. I don't know what else you're looking for here. – Ken White Dec 9 '11 at 4:25
thanks for the quick reply :)<br/> this is my code to display in the label caption<br/> DateSeparator:='/'; ShortDateFormat:='MM/dd/yy'; label1.caption:=Fields(1).Text <br/> the result is 03|18|08 <br/> but i want it as 03/18/08 – PresleyDias Dec 9 '11 at 4:34
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ok i found on one site enter link description here for getting the appropriate format all i had to do was get the fire the query as

select to_char(min(dat),'mm/dd/yy'), to_char(min(dat),'mm/dd/yy') from diary where survey in (2008401) and event not in ('E','C','R') and region=6100;

This gave me the proper result in the format i wanted

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+1 Glad to see you got it sorted out, and thanks for posting the solution for others in the future who have the same sort of problem. :) – Ken White Dec 9 '11 at 12:58

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