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I have an existing SqlConnection conn; in some controller (using ASP.NET MVC3 + Razor). Now, I would like to render a simple table depending on some SQL command.

The question is: How to "bind" loaded data in Razor using ViewBag? Is it necessary to iterate row-after-row and produce <tr>....</tr> in Razor?

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There is no binding like this. And a simple for loop means it isnt much code either, example...

@foreach(var row in Model.MyRows)
      @foreach(var col in row.Columns)

hope that gives you an idea anyway, and this way you get a lot more control over the style of your rendered table

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I'd suggest you to use strongly typed views and pass a populated model to your view and as you mentioned, iterate items of the ViewModel. Binding doesn't really have a place in MVC.

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