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I have the following problem:

template <int N, typename T>
/*what is the return type*/ nviewgetter( T const& t )

    typename T::const_iterator it(t.begin());

    typedef BOOST_TYPEOF_TPL(*it) etype;
    typedef typename boost::fusion::result_of::as_nview<etype, N>::type netype;
    std::vector<netype> r;

        r.push_back( boost::fusion::as_nview<N>(*it) );

    //return r;

What is expected is that T is a sequence of Forward Sequences (e.g. boost::fusion::vector) and I want to get a view of the N-th element in each element of T . However, I do not know from beforehand the type of boost::fusion::vector , e.g. boost::fusion::vector<int, double> or boost::fusion::vector<int, double, std::string> . In the code I can figure out the correct type but I cannot figure out this in the function declaration.

Thanks !

Any suggestions for code improvement are also welcome. :)

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Have you tried the obvious std::vector<boost::fusion::result_of::as_nview<T::const_iterator, N>::type>? –  Joachim Pileborg Dec 8 '11 at 12:52
nope, this woun't do. –  user677656 Dec 8 '11 at 13:31

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If you don't want to write the full type out, you could move the type definitions into a separate template, so that they are available when you declare the function template; something like:

template <int N, typename T>
struct nviewgetter_traits
    typedef BOOST_TYPEOF_TPL(typename T::value_type) etype;
    typedef typename boost::fusion::result_of::as_nview<etype, N>::type netype;
    typedef std::vector<netype> result_type;

    // Or combine it into a single monstrosity if you prefer:
    // typedef std::vector<
    //    typename boost::fusion::result_of::as_nview<
    //        BOOST_TYPEOF_TPL(typename T::value_type), N
    //    >::type> result_type;

template <int N, typename T>
typename nviewgetter_traits<N,T>::result_type nviewgetter(T const & t)
    typename nviewgetter_traits<N,T>::result_type r;
    for (auto it = t.begin(); it != t.end(); ++it) {
        r.push_back( boost::fusion::as_nview<N>(*it) );
    return r;
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BOOST_TYPEOF_TPL(typename T::value_type) does not fly. but anyway this is a the answer. You have to ommit the auto keyword also, and add typename T::const_iterator it(t.begin()); . –  user677656 Dec 8 '11 at 13:30
no need to remove the auto keyword, it's standard, and g++ supports it (although still experimentally in 4.6) –  user677656 Mar 20 '12 at 17:27

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