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Is there a free (preferably public-domain or BSD-like license, but GPL will do) implementation of a multi-layer perceptron anywhere on the net?

I have textbook examples but the licenses are too restrictive, and although I can just about follow the math in the Wikipedia articles I'm not confident enough of getting it right and it's hard to test.

I've done a quick google search and found some free (as in beer) binary-only versions. I'm hoping to find an MLP which is part of a larger open-source project.

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FANN (Fast Artifical Neural Network Library) is a great general-purpose neural-network library written in C but has bindings for just about any language you might want (C++, .NET, Python, Mathematica among others). Even better, it's open-source and licensed under the LGPL, so I'd imagine that would be fine for you.

Neuron.NET is another good alternative if you're using .NET (also open-source), though it's licensed under the GPL.

Hope that helps.

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I studied the source of Neuron.NET in order to understand the math. It's actually a lot simpler than I expected and I was able to implement a faster version in Java. – finnw Jan 26 '10 at 10:30
C/C++ Perceptron: – SomethingSomething Oct 16 '14 at 2:56

WEKA includes a multi-layer perceptron implementation. I haven't examined the source code myself but its GPL I believe.

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OpenCV has a Feedforward neural network implementation.

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Have a look at! It is a unified layer to a lot of different free simulators such as BRIAN, NEST, NEURON, etc.

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